Resources Overview

Wiltshire Money is not a client-facing service. We primarily, but not exclusively, support organisations, advisers, practitioners, caseworkers and others engaging with people affected by financial inclusion issues. 

Wiltshire Money does not provide money advice, we are not a client-facing service, nor do we undertake casework on behalf of service users.  See our list of members for some organisations that do provide advice and the about page to find out how we support staff, volunteers and advisers.

On top of regular newsletters, (join our mailing list), Wiltshire Money maintains an archive of useful resources from our events and training opportunities. These can be found on the pages for the relevant events

Wiltshire Money also supports and shares other organisations’ research, guides, and tools but does not necessarily recommend or endorse these. You can find more information about current campaigns on our shout outs page

A full list of resources can be found on our helpful resources page

We also have a list of the locally available cost of living support compiled by our partners, Wiltshire Citizens Advice