Cost of Living Support

This information was gathered through research carried out by Wiltshire Citizens Advice.

 Scheme Overview How to Apply
 Charis Grants  Support for energy bills Online via:
Charity of William Botley  A grant for women in financial need who live in Salisbury. Can be considered for: household items, clothing and school uniform, beds, bedding, carpets, specialist disability/mobility aids/equipment, hospital visits, removal costs, and funeral expenses. Can also assist U25s in the Salisbury area who need assistance with projects, school trips, books, course fees et For women in Salisbury and U25s only. Applications must be submitted by a sponsor (e.g. social worker, health care professional) using the application form from the Salisbury City Almshouses and Welfare charity website. For more information see
Chippenham Borough Lands Charity  Grants for individuals including funding for white goods, furniture, food vouchers, debt, funeral costs, and mobility aids. Applicants have to have lived in Chippenham parish for at least 2 years, not have a household income exceeding a certain amount, and be on a means-tested benefit. Apply online at
 Cold Weather Payment  A payment for people on certain benefits or Support for Mortgage Interest if the average temperature in their area is recorded as, or forecast to be, zero degree celsius or below over 7 consecutive days.  Claimants do not need to apply - if they're eligible, they will be paid automatically.
Energy Loans Energy Efficiency loans are available through Wessex Resolutions to fund insulation improvements to make a home more efficient. These loans can be used by people who have received some funding under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) as well as those who are not eligible for ECO. Applicants must contact Lendology to apply:
Family Action Provide small grants to those on low income or benefits. There are two programmes: welfare and education. Welfare grant: provides grants for essential personal and household needs. Applicants must fall under one of these criteria: aged 60 or over, disabled, individuals with mental health diagnosis, or families or individuals who have experienced domestic abuse. Educational grant: provides small grants around £200, up to maximum of £300. Open to 14yrs+.

Welfare grant: Applications must be made online by a referring agency such as statutory agencies, charities that provide health or social care, housing associations, probation services and GP's.

Educational grant: Applications must be submitted by authorised members of college staff-affiliated organisations.

Family Fund Grants for practical and essential help and items such as washing machines, bedding, specialist toys, family breaks for families with a child under 17 who has a disability or serious illness. The parent/carer can apply online or have an application pack sent to them. There are certain criteria to meet
Friends of the Elderly (FOTE) Provide grants to older people over state pension age, living in England or Wales, who have a low income and savings of less than £4,000. Help with home essentials such as white goods and furniture, small repairs, and digital connections and can give financial support with unexpected bills. Applications on behalf of individuals are made by referring organisations working in local communities, such as Home Improvement Agencies, Tenancy Support Workers, Housing Officers, Case Workers, Social Prescribers, Community Workers, Social Services, Citizens Advice or Age UK.  The role of the referring organisation is to assist the application process, verifying the applicant’s circumstances and supporting the applicant with purchasing the item or service they need.
Glasspool Charity Trust: Essential Living Fund Provide small grants for household items and essential clothing. Can apply for up to 3 items but unlikely they will be able to provide all 3. There are a list of what they can and cannot help with: Only support workers from frontline agencies can submit an application. This could be a housing support officer, Citizens Advice advice worker, voluntary organisation or local authority officer who is already helping the applicant.
Glasspool Charity Trust: Smallwood Trust Partnership Fund Grants for women for essential household items, moving costs, back-to-work costs, emergency costs, rent/council tax arrears and utility costs (extra costs to be incurred due to winter). There are criteria the woman must meet in order to be eligible. Application to be made by a support worker
Heals of Malmesbury Emergency Hardship Fund - helps people in Malmesbury and surrounding villages who have little or no income and are facing debt or struggling to pay bills, as a result of the current crisis. The Fund will help pay bills or make essential purchases, rather than hand out money directly to applicants. Must be in Malmesbury. The applicant can apply themselves by email or contact form.
Independence at Home People with these conditions can apply for support with these things (including heating and fuel costs). Have to be referred by a professional worker from health, social care, or a charity that is in contact with you or your family member. Citizens Advice workers are eligible to be referees. They have to go to the 'how to apply' webpage
St Andrew's Society for Ladies in Need

You may be eligible if:

  • You are a lady who is retired or close to retirement age and unable to work and live alone with no dependents.
  • You are British born
  • You have achieved a good standard of education
  • You are in receipt of all statutory help to which you are entitled
  • You have very limited savings
Contact our charity to find out whether you qualify for our help. Applications are considered at regular Committee meetings held during the year, although urgent cases may be considered for temporary help immediately.
Surviving Winter campaign Wiltshire Community Foundation provide a Surviving Winter campaign to offer help (through their partners) to elderly and vulnerable people with energy grants, energy-saving and benefits advice, boiler service or repairs, and door-to-door hot meals Contact Age UK Wiltshire if claimant is of pensionable age or contact Warm and Safe Wiltshire if of working age.
The Percy Bilton Charity The following people are eligible: individuals who are on a low income and have a serious illness, or disability or are over 65 on a low income. Can apply for white goods/electricals, beds, carpets and flooring, and essential clothing/footwear. Social Workers, Community Psychiatric Nurses and Occupational Therapists within Local Authorities or NHS Trusts may apply on behalf of individuals in financial need who have a disability or severe mental health problem, or who are over 65 on low income, for basic household items including white goods, single beds, flooring and clothing vouchers.
Turn2Us Response Fund Fund for those who have experienced a life-changing event in the last twelve months and are linked in with a registered referral partner. Applications can only be made by Turn2Us Response Fund partner organisations.
Warm Home Discount Eligible if you get Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit (core group), plus may be eligible if you're on a low income and meet the energy supplier's criteria, Those in the core group should get a letter from DWP explaining how to get the discount. Those in the other group should check with their supplier to see if they're eligible and how to apply.
WaterSure Allows households to have their water bills capped, meaning they don't have to cut back on water use because of financial worries. If they qualify, they will pay no more than the average household bill for their water supplier, even if they use more than the average amount of water. Must receive one of the specified benefits and have a water meter. Must also either be responsible (and receive child benefit) for three or more children under 19yo living in the property, or you or someone in the property has a medical condition requiring use of extra water.
Wessex Water Assist To help those in extreme financial difficulty who cannot afford their water bill. If accepted, they will pay a lower bill than normal based on their ability to pay. Must be receiving advice and will need to provide details of income, household bills and any debts or savings held.
Wessex Water Flexible Payment Plan For those having short-term problems paying their water bill - they can pay less towards their water bill for an agreed period of time and then catch up on payments later Call or email customer services:
Wessex Water Restart To help those who have significant water debt they cannot repay and who cannot afford their ongoing water bills. They pay the charges for the current year then at the end of the year, Wessex Water will reduce the debt by an equivalent amount. Continue to pay current charges in year two and WW will clear their remaining debt. May need to receive advice and may need to provide details of income, household bills and any debt or savings held.
Wiltshire Local Welfare Provision
  1. Crisis support - If going through a personal financial crisis and have no funds or other means of getting help anywhere else.
  2. Household support - You may be able to get one-off household goods if need help to establish independent living
Download form at or call 0300 456 0110 Monday-Friday 9am-12pm
Winter Fuel Payment For those born on or before 26th September 1955, they can get £100-£300 to help pay heating bills. If the claimant is eligible and gets the State Pension or another social security benefit (not HB, CTR, CB, or UC) they will get the payment automatically. If they do not get either of those or they live abroad, they may need to make a claim. However, if they've had a Winter Fuel Payment before, they do not need to claim again unless they've deferred their State Pension or moved abroad.