About Wiltshire Money

What is Wiltshire Money?

Wiltshire Money is a  partnership organisation coordinated by Wiltshire Citizens Advice. Our mission is to support organisations and professionals working to improve the quality of life of those in economic need. 

It is the lead body for financial inclusion activity within Wiltshire and provides a strategic framework for local organisations to coordinate projects, develop collaborative partnerships and share knowledge. 

Wiltshire Money provides support to our member organisations so that they can help people to make informed financial choices and be in control of their money.

Who does Wiltshire Money work with?

Wiltshire Money has over 100 member organisations. These range from large national and regional organisations including local government, housing associations, utility providers and credit unions to smaller local charities, non-profit organisations and voluntary groups. Our key beneficiary groups are:

  • Local infrastructure organisations (e.g. credit unions)
  • Local members (e.g. local charities and non-profits)
  • Regional and national members (e.g. Housing Associations and Local Authorities)

What does Wiltshire Money do?

Wiltshire Money concentrates its activities on four key workstreams:

  1. Knowledge sharing: we provide opportunities for sharing information among our members through a variety of delivery channels, including our regular newsletter, quarterly forums and via our website.
  2. Training provision and delivery: training is commissioned and delivered in partnership with the Citizens Advice Wiltshire Training Team. We are able to offer our members substantially discounted, and in some cases, free, training opportunities.
  3. Research and policy development: Wiltshire Money works with our members to gain a greater understanding of financial exclusion and how it affects Wiltshire’s communities in order to influence policy and service delivery. We work with our membership to investigate what policies are and are not working. 
  4. Scope and capacity development: Wiltshire Money regularly engages with our members to determine which areas to focus on and decide where we can make the most impact. Examples of issues that Wiltshire Money works supports our member organisations to address are listed below.

 What issues does Wiltshire Money address?  

Challenges Processes and Policies Activities
 Debt Universal Credit  Supporting local initiatives
Digital Poverty Disability Benefits Identifying hidden demand
 Digital Inclusion Housing Benefits Identifying Developing Issues
Food Poverty Council Tax Forecasting
Appliance Poverty Financial Inclusion  
Fuel Poverty Financial Education  
Cost of Living Increases Financial Resilience  
Sustaining Tenancies Cold Weather Payments  
No Recourse to Public Funds Homelessness Prevention  
Money and Mental Health Sustainable Credit  
 Loan Sharks Welfare Benefits  
  Educational Expenses  Green Agendas  

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