Wiltshire Money Shout Out
Do you have an event or course coming up that you would like Wiltshire to know about?
Then Shout Out to Wiltshire!
Please email your event details to: 
                           White Horse Housing Association              August 2017
                          Age UK Wiltshire                                         August 2017 
age uk 1
                          Fit and Fed Programme                              July 2017
Fit Fed The Friary
          Fit Fed Studley Green Primary School
Fit Fed Bemerton Heath
            Alert Training UK                                        May 2017
Alert Training UK course poster
                         Community First                                          May 2017
                        Community First vacancy
                        Tax Charities                                                May 2017
Tax Charities newsletter
                        learndirect                                                    May 2017
learndirect Job Club May 17
                        Wiltshire Council                                          April 2017
Bemerton Heath Doorstep Sportclub
                        learndirect                                                    April 2017
learndirect April 2017
learndirect May 2017
learndirect June 2017
                         Illegal Money Lending Team                       March 2017
  Loan Shark article pg1Loan Shark article pg2
                        Wiltshire Council - South                            March 2017
Bemerton Heath pg1     Bemerton Heath pg2
The Friary pg1     The Friary pg2
                   Spurgeons                                                    March 2017
   East Wiltshire programme pg1 

East Wiltshire programme pg2

South Wiltshire programme pg1   South Wiltshire programme pg2
West Wiltshire programme pg1     West Wiltshire programme pg2
                       Waste Not Want Not                                    March 2017
Waste Not Want Not Volunteers needed poster
                       Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre   January 2017
Five Rivers official opening flyer pg 1       Five Rivers official opening flyer pg 2
                      Aperture                                       January 2017
Aperture Spring 2017 Seminar poster
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