Wiltshire Money Training

Wiltshire Money commissions training opportunities on behalf of our members. We offer a combination of free and discounted training sessions throughout the year. Training is delivered by our partners, including the Citizens Advice Wiltshire Training Team, the Surrey Welfare Rights Unit,  the Child Poverty Action Group, the Benefits Training CompanyPayPlan, and the Welfare Benefits Unit

Before registering for any paid training opportunities please read the Wiltshire Money Training Cancellation and Substitution Policy

If you are a training provider please see the Wiltshire Money New Supplier Details page for information about adding Wiltshire Money to your systems. 

Funded Training Places for Eligible Organisations in 2023-24

Wiltshire Money has been awarded a grant from the Wiltshire Community Foundation Cost-of-Living Response Programme. This has allowed us to offer funded training places to small local organisations that meet the criteria outlined below. Please note that there are a limited number of funded places per session and places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. There will also be a limit on the number of funded places offered per organisation. Once all funded places are allocated subsequent registrations will be added to a waiting list. We will aim to run courses multiple times depending on the level of interest. 

In order to be eligible for a funded training place you/your organisation should meet the following criteria:

  • Support people who are affected by financial inclusion issues and the cost-of-living
  • Be Wiltshire-based and operating at a local level
  • Be a small charity or a non-profit Community Interest Company
  • If your organisation is a separately constituted local branch of a larger charity, you should not have a financial relationship with their parent organisation or a local authority
  • Not be a local authority employee, or a member of an organisation with a financial relationship with a local authority
  • Ideally, you should be predominantly volunteer-led, however, this is not a mandatory requirement
  • The annual turnover of your organisation should be less than £150k

We will require the recipients of funded places to complete a feedback and evaluation form in order to:

  • Measure the extent to which those who attend are able both to apply their knowledge and share it with others in their organisation
  • Gather information on the wider impact of the training

Please note that the Wiltshire Money Training Cancellation and Substitution Policy applies to Wiltshire Community Foundation-funded places. 

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

Date  Free/Paid Description Provider
06/03/2024 Paid* Help to Pay Rent Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
*Free places are available for eligible organisations (funded by Wiltshire Community Foundation).

Previous Training Opportunities and Resources:


Qtr. 4 2023-24
22/02/2023 Paid Social Care, Charging and Benefits Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
Qtr. 3 2023-24
29/11/2023 Paid Benefits for Families Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
17/10/2023 Paid Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Overview Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
03/10/2023 Paid Introduction to Universal Credit Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
Qtr. 2 2023-24
19/09/2023 Paid Universal Credit: Managed Migration Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
18/08/2023 Free Suicide Awareness PayPlan
Qtr. 1 2023-24
20/06/2023 Paid Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
22/05/2023 Paid Debt Overview for Non-advisers Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
18/04/2023 Paid Introduction to Universal Credit Surrey Welfare Rights Unit


Qtr. 4 2022-23
14-15/03/2023 Paid Introduction to Welfare Benefits The Benefits Training Co.
02/03/2023 Paid Benefits Overview for non-advisers Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
31/01/2023 Free Vulnerable clients – spotting the signs PayPlan
21/01/2023 Free Debt and Domestic Abuse PayPlan
Qtr. 3 2022-23
15/12/2022 Paid Universal Credit: Managed Migration  Child Poverty Action Group
24/11/2022 Free Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)  PayPlan
21/11/2022 Free Debt Management Plans (DMPs) PayPlan
18/10/2022 Free Access to Work Awareness Session The Disability Services Advocacy Team at the DWP and Able Futures
Qtr. 2 2022-23
12/09/2022 Paid Introduction to Universal Credit Surrey Welfare Rights Unit
26/07/2022 Free Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Upskilling Session  The Disability Services Advocacy Team at the DWP
Qtr. 1 2022-23
07/06/2022 Free Wiltshire Money Training Webinar: The Housing Journey Wiltshire Money